Roofing construction and installation is a plan for years of investment in safety, aesthetics and protection. However, with time, roofing repairs and maintenance are common too. You may be wondering about the right roofing material for your home. The best is to call for expert Roof Installation Services in Cedar Rapids to ask for it.

The professional roof contractor will help the best guide on quality material and type suited for residential property. Meanwhile, here we are listing to give you an idea of the most common roofing material used for homes.

The Classified Picks For Home Roofing: 

1. Shingles: Most of the roofs in the USA are constructed with quality shingles such as asphalt, fibreglass and composite. These are affordable, reliable and easy to install. Generally, it gives the home a decent look and is available in shades like grey, brown, red, green and blue. Maintenance of shingles is also low cost and even recyclable material.

2. Metal: Some people look for more durable, diversified roofing materials like metal sheets. It is mainly made of aluminum, copper and zinc that, is lightweight, sturdy and withstand extreme weather conditions. Metal roofing looks beautiful in modern houses and is also affordable. However, proper installation and repair with time is needed.

3. Wood: To give your home a rich and classic look, wooden roofing is a hit. However, it could be more durable in extremely dry and wet climates. They can make your home appearance aesthetic, calming and vintage. The major problem with wooden roofing is it may repel fungus, insects and rodents. Generally, cedar, redwood and pine wood are used in wooden roofing

4. Clay Tiles and Slate: You can also pick for clay times as they are coolest, affordable and fire-resistant. It will let your roof look old age styled. The variety of clay tiles is Spanish, French, Scania etc. Installation and repair of clay roofing needs may be tricky and expensive. Slate roofing is durable and sturdy in extreme climatic conditions. Meanwhile, the cost is similar to clay tiles.


The best is to call Roof Installation Services in Cedar Rapids to ask for durable, affordable, low-maintenance roofing material. Next to installation, it may need repair and replacement with time, so ask experts for its services and budget prior.

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