Do you own a guest facility? If so, you must maintain hygiene and cleanliness all around to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Of all the things that you have to look after, windows are often the most over-looked element. A business with dirty windows is like having a good smile but with a yellow tooth. So, there is no need to show your yellow teeth to people and why having yellow teeth in first place, let us get some teeth whitening treatment.

We know that cleaning the windows on your own can seem a task and it is a bit overwhelming. Do not worry, you just assemble your window cleaning supplies online and follow the below mentioned steps.

So, you start with professional window cleaning solution along with a squeegee. If you want to become a pro, tell your cleaner to use a spray bottle and a micro fiber rag for cleaning mirrors for general touch up. In this assembly, the squeegee will be used to remove the window cleaning solution off the window, leaving you with sparkling glasses inside out. The inside windows your cleaners can clean, but you can hire window cleaning companies to clean the outer windows.

You must have a sponge in hand that will help your cleaner apply the cleaning solution properly to the window and also do some light scrubbing on the glass if required. Get a bucket handy to mix water and the solution. If yours is a big facility, you will need a bucket with wheels that is easier to take from one place to another.

Cleaning the windows

  • Start with diluting the cleaning solution according the user’s manual or instructions given on the pack of cleaning solution in the bucket with water.
  • The cleaning mix should be applied generously on the windows. This is the point where you will stain, debris on the glass that will not come off so easily with just the solution. So, you must use the window cleaning scraper to remove the debris.
  • Once you see that all the stains are removed, you should dry the glass with the help of a squeegee. Your hand motions should be straight. Start from the upper left corner of the glass, pull the squeegee in straight line towards the right direction. After each horizontal stroke, use a rag to squeeze the extra water from the squeegee. Keep doing until the window is complete.
  • Finally, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the edges of the windows and in this stage, you can check if any stains or dirt is remaining.

Tips to keep in mind while cleaning the windows

  • Most of the window cleaning solutions contain ammonia and this works great in cutting the grease and remove fingerprints or grime from the glass. However, the cleaner must be cautious while using ammonia. The cleaning agents with ammonia can ruin the tint from windows. It is always important to find out if the glass is tinted before using such an agent.
  • Also remember that ammonia-based products can ruin the shine of the wooden window panes and thus, if there is any wood around the glass, kindly take necessary precautions.
  • Do not wash windows in direct sunlight as it leaves streaky lines on the glass.

If you are looking for good window cleaning supplies online, reach out to us.

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