Developments over the last decade have seen the popularity of artificial grass grow rapidly, largely since this natural grass alternative now looks and feels more like the real thing. You can now choose between different shades, lengths, and textures of artificial grass, giving you more control over how your outdoor spaces will look.

Transform outdoor spaces with grass carpets

With its easy fitting and low maintenance, grass carpets are a popular choice for many outdoor areas, not just the obvious lawns. It can be used on caravan sites, patios, roof gardens, and decking.

Grass carpets have many shades

If you want a vibrant and immaculate green lawn, or a more natural, flecked lawn, the choice is yours. Grass carpets from the leading suppliers are now almost indistinguishable from the real thing! There is a range of grass carpets colors available; from medium to dark greens, vibrant to natural hues, there’s a shade to suit every home.

Grass carpets cost reasonable

The range of grass carpets is made from a mix of polypropylene and polyester which give them a realistic, natural grass shade. You can get grass carpets for less than you think. additionally, you also think of the money you’ll save in the long run!

The benefits of grass carpets are easily seen

  • Grass carpets have a great low-maintenance alternative to natural grass
  • Grass carpets are hard-wearing, long-lasting and fade-resistant
  • Grass carpets are hygienic and easy to clean
  • Grass carpets are safe for children and pets
  • These carpets are designed to drain easily
  • They are perfect for small or awkwardly shaped outdoor spaces
  • They are realistic and soft underfoot

For what reason is grass carpets for events perfect for occasion spaces?

There are many reasons which make the grass carpets, a perfect option for events and occasions

Grass carpets are earth friendly

As shoppers keep on looking for naturally mindful arrangements, many have perceived grass carpets for events as an appealing choice. Natural favorable circumstances of manufactured grass incorporate anticipating pesticide use, sparing water, and diminishing upkeep contamination. Numerous hot atmospheres specifically are confronting dry spell conditions at the present time and have water confinements set up. Each square foot of common grass supplanted with grass carpets for events can spare many gallons of water every year.

Grass carpets are appealing stylishly

Grass carpets give the appearance and feel of common grass. It gives a brilliant, inviting impression and can without much of a stretch be utilized in blend with other characteristics, arrange to make exceptional, tastefully satisfying occasion spaces.

Grass carpets provide low maintenance

Numerous individuals lean toward delicate surfaces, for example, grass; be that as it may, the problem of keeping up common finishing in occasion spaces can be very troublesome. Grass carpets, when installed in event, give an alluring, delicate surface, while disposing of the additional trouble of cutting, and the ecological weight of composts, pesticides, and watering.