Your plan to go with asphalt paving is best, but what still is striking your mind to think twice about it? What! The misconceptions about it, and you seriously believe them. If you have almost headed on sorting for many Paving Contractors in Springfield but have yet to hire any, read the content below.

The described myths will make you more clear on confusion.

  1. Asphalt Is Expensive: People believe pavement installation and maintenance are more pricy than concrete. That is a complete misconception. It is cheaper, more durable, and low to maintain, which saves a lot of money.
  1. Similarity Between Asphalt and Concrete: Not at all; both are different. In fact, they have various aggregates and construction, which makes them unique. Concrete is stone aggregate with cement that makes it hard and strong. Other side pavement comes from different aggregates mixed with binding agent bitumen.
  1. Available In One Shade or Color: No, the dye asphalt aggregates are available in different colors. You can easily choose to add more aesthetics to the property. The most picked pavements are earthy tones like brown, red, green, grey, dark grey, black, etc.
  1. Not Durable And Strong: Asphalt pavement is not durable and cracks easily; that’s a myth. It is strong and doesn’t crack easily. Time installation is for years and stays the same for a long. Thus the affordable and sustainable choice of pavement.
  1. Not Good For the Environment: Unlike concrete, asphalt is recycled and upcycled even after various applications. These are best for and later reused in repair work of roads, parking areas, etc.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to add pavement to your property, the best is to go with expert Paving Contractors in Springfield. These are reliable investments to make pathways, driveways, and sidewalk areas look elegant and convenient. Asphalt pavements are popular, so don’t think twice; go for them.

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