Today there is a huge amount of information available on the internet, magazines and TV shows, so it is easy for lies to enter the scene. The problem is that if you buy replacement windows for your home based on incorrect information, you can end up with substandard windows that must be replaced more often than expected. It can be challenging to separate fact from fiction before buying a window replacement and hiring Window Contractors in Waterloo. There are many myths about window replacement. Here we will look into some of them:

  1. Only Replace Windows During a Major Renovation:

Many homes have old windows that detract from the aesthetics of the building. Older windows are less energy efficient than ones made today, meaning they cost more to heat and cool. An average home can lose 20-30{ed0550874d9fb5f225901d3b1293f2ee143521819b7531b35439ce9af65052fa} of its energy through its windows. Older windows require expensive maintenance. If your windows are over 20 years old, replace them.

  1. When Home Is Ready to Sell, Replace Windows:

Replacing windows is often considered a great last home improvement activity to prepare a home for sale. The problem with this strategy is that customers pay the same or higher rates and forego many of the practical benefits of contemporary windows. While the seller pays, the profit goes to the next buyer.

  1. The Windows Can Only Be Replaced In The Summer: 

It’s a common misconception that replacing windows forces homeowners to leave their homes and live with large open walls for long periods. Most of the time, in a single day, window replacement companies have an entire team ready to quickly and efficiently replace one or all of your windows.

  1. Large Windows Save Less Energy:

Often, a larger window can be considered when a window needs to be replaced. Homeowners are encouraged to seize the opportunity of a massive increase in natural light. However, it is a common misconception that oversized windows use more energy. For older windows, this may be correct. Higher power transmission may be possible due to the larger surface area provided by the uninsulated frame and the older manufacture of the glass panel.


Window replacement is a good decision for your home because it gives it a new vibe. But there are many myths related to replacement and Window Contractors Waterloo. In the above article, we have shared those window replacement-related myths. If you want to know about those myths, this article is for you.

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