Have you ever seen that instant grass installation in an area of bare ground hours back? Isn’t that look dreamy, magical, and attractive? These days residential to commercial properties are quickly grown with turf or sod grass. This faster and easy installation of natural grass from one land to another adds pleasing charm and value to the property.

Do you want some turf or Sod Farm in Fairfax? No worry, check how it is grown and harvested.

1. The Preparations Before: Of course, the right growing conditions matter for nature. If you want Sod farms, little preparations are necessary to plant the grass seed or layers of already-grown solid grass. Get expert help to make soil appropriate and full of nutrients to grow sod and grip new soil easily.

2. Sod Growing Process: When the soil is ready, the time comes to plant the sod grass into a defined and measured area. The sod farms typically use pure grass seed that generally takes about two years to harvest to grow thick and healthy.

3. Care and Maintenance: Maintaining the greenery and growth of grass is the biggest task; therefore, adding sufficient water, fertilizers, pest control, weed control, and mowing is a must. That’s multiple tasking. Let’s give sod grass proper care and expected growth. It improves the quality and color of the grass.

4. Harvesting Process: Those tidy rolls of grass are only harvested when sod is ready and well-grown. The few-inch layer of soil and roots is transferred to make them grow fresh into your lawn or yard. If you need to, hire experts to sod grass growers, installers, and contractors.

The Bottom Line: 

Not only installation done means the task is finished, but aftercare is also important. Talk to professional Sod Farms in Fairfax to assist best for the grass installation, growing, and harvesting. They know better about growing, including water needs, fertilizers, pesticides, care, etc.

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