Even if you think you’re doing a great job of keeping your home clean, it might be that you’re not doing quite as well as you thought. But who wants to spend their precious time cleaning, only to discover that actually, it’s not all that clean? Not you, I’m sure!

To make sure that when cleaning your home, you’re actually doing it well and not making matters worse, here are 8 common cleaning mistakes to avoid:

1. Cross contaminating

By using the same tools to clean one area of your home as you do for the next (without cleaning them in between), you could be unwittingly transferring germs and bacteria from one place to another, instead of eliminating them. one good way of avoiding cross-contamination is to have different color cloths or sponges for each room, or have a cleaning kit in each room.

2. Using tools that aren’t effective

For eliminating dust, for example, nothing is worse for making a hash of things than a feather duster. These ineffective tools simply dislodge the dust and move it around, actually making your job much harder. Instead, use microfiber cloths that pick up the dust and hold onto it, and when buying a vacuum cleaner, don’t be tempted to buy a cheap model, as these are often not fit for purpose. You should also take time to choose cleaning solutions such as an all-purpose cleaner that will do the job successfully, and in less time. Some products may smell great, but are useless at helping you dislodge stubborn stains or clean up grease and spillages.

3. Not cleaning your cleaning tools

It’s important not to neglect cleaning the tools you use when cleaning your home, otherwise they could be making matters worse and transferring potentially harmful germs around your home. Soak sponges and brushes in bleach and allow to dry completely to keep them hygienically clean, for example.

4. Missing nooks and crannies

Hard-to-reach areas in your home, such as behind appliances or furniture, are often neglected, but do this over too long a period, and you could get a very nasty and unhygienic surprise when you eventually do come to clean them, or want to move an appliance or item of furniture in the future.

5. Making your bed when you get up

While you’ll find many articles telling you to make your bed as soon as you get out of it, this actually makes your bed even more of a paradise for dust mites, as they thrive in environments rich in dead skin cells and human perspiration. Instead of sealing off your bed and leaving the mites to party, turn the sheets and blankets down (neatly, nonetheless), and allow as much natural light into the room as possible, which helps to kill them off.

6. Washing windows when the sun is shining

This classic but all-too-common mistake can mean that your windows are left streaky due to the heat quickly drying the cleaning solution. Instead, wait for a duller day to wash your windows.

7. Cleaning in the wrong order

Work from the back of your home to the front when cleaning, and in individual rooms and spaces, clean from the top and work your way down to avoid re-depositing dust and grime on freshly cleaned surfaces.

8. Not reading manufacturer’s instructions

For example, some cleaning products must be left on a surface for a certain amount of time in order for them to be effective, but without reading the instructions and in your haste, you spray it and wipe it off, rendering it virtually ineffective.

Professional cleaning companies don’t make mistakes! So if you want your home cleaned properly and effectively, every time, hire a cleaning service and enjoy the satisfaction that only a truly clean home can bring.

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